Logan MacDougall

Junior Software Developer


 Beaver Bank, NS, B4G



Professional Summary

Highly skilled in software development bringing more than 7 years in programming experience. Offering proficient knowledge in Python, Java, C and C++, as well as web design experience using HTML, CSS, javascript, NodeJS and MongoDB.

Work History

InterTalk Critical Information Systems, Dartmouth, NS (Summer 2022 co-op)

  • Created a testing framework to test the company software automatically, which will save days of work each week for the testers, who were previously testing the software by hand.
  • Presented my testing framework to the company to show how it is used and what are its capabilities.
  • Introduced a feature to their code to be able to return the results of events, a feature which has been proposed to the company for a decade and will open many different capabilities with events which were impossible before.
  • Created a debugging tool to remotely send events to the software, allowing a big time-save when implementing new events within the software.
  • Created a new feature within the software to record every event that gets called to a file. This will save hours of time for developers trying to figure out which event is being called, as well as giving testers the knowledge to create test cases.

Smart Design Systems, Halifax, NS (2020-02 - 2021-08)

  • Developed the front-end for a finite element application as well as helping in the process of designing it.
  • Developed the front-end and back-end for the company site.
  • Used Dalhousie's web content management system to create the Dalhousie mathematics and internetworking website.
  • Developed a python script to grab a MATLAB project using GIT, rewrite it to run in parallel, and then return the results.


Bachelor of Science: Computer Science (2019 - current)

Dalhousie University - Halifax, NS


  • First place in highschool student original composition competition at Nova Scotia Kiwanis Music Festival (2018)
  • Fully completed a course on MongoDB with proof of completion (2020)


  • Certificate of Distinction from Waterloo (2018)