Logan MacDougall

Software Developer

Professional Summary

Software developer with 9 years of programming experience, which mainly comprise in Low-Level Programming, Web Development, Cyber Security and Machine learning. The languages I have the most experience with are C, Python, Javascript, and C++. My Cyber Security background comes from being the first person in my cyber security class to fully hack into the machines for every lab, and was then added to the Dalhousie Competitive Hacking Team where my skills increased further. I also have many years working with Dalhousie, from being a Marker, Tutor, and a Teaching Assistant for different computer science classes. Now I'm doing my Masters at Dalhousie University on a topic involving Cyber Security and Machine Learning.

Work Experience

Intertalk Smart Design Systems

2022-06 - 2023-11

  • Created a testing framework to test the company software automatically, which will save days of work each week for the testers, who were previously testing the software by hand.
  • Introduced a feature to their code to be able to return the results of events, a feature which has been proposed to the company for a decade and will open many different capabilities with events which were impossible before.
  • Created a debugging tool to remotely send events to the software, allowing a big time-save when implementing new events within the software.
Dalhousie Teaching Assistant

2022-09 - 2023-6

  • Helped 100s of students debug find a bug in their code in the C programming language.
  • Answered dozens of messages from students asking about complex concepts in C programming which they finally understood after my explanation.
  • Assisted 50+ students who needed help from any course with their homework in the learning center.
  • Ran 1-on-1 sessions with students as a Dalhousie Tutor in C programming and Java and improved their final grades.
Smart Design Systems

2020-02 - 2021-08

  • Developed the front-end for a finite element application as well as helping in the process of designing it.
  • Developed the front-end and back-end for the company site.
  • Used Dalhousie's web content management system to create the Dalhousie mathematics and internetworking website.
  • Developed a python script to grab a MATLAB project using GIT, rewrite it to run in parallel, and then return the results.


Bachelors of Computer Science

GPA: 3.96 - Sexton Distinction (2019 - 2024)

Dalhousie University - Halifax, NS

Masters of Computer Science

(2024 - current)

Dalhousie University - Halifax, NS


(2024) - 1st place at ShiftKeys Capture the flag event at dalhousie

(2023) - 2nd place at the CyberSci hacking competition in Saint John

(2020) - Fully completed a course on MongoDB with certification

(2018) - 1st place in Kiwanis Music Festival composition competition for highschool students